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Mixed Records


CINDERELLA BOSWELL* Marriages:   Spouse:  URIAH SMITH  **  Marriage:  29 JUL 1833   Old Church, Saint Pancras, London,

BOSWELL Fanny + WHARTON Thomas H /1848 Manchester Cathedral Lancashire Manchester

BOSWELL Edward +DRAPER Siena/1846  Liverpool, Our Lady & St. Nicholas & St. Anne Lancashire Liverpool

BOSWELL Priscilla +SMITH Thomas/1837  Lichfield, St Michael Staffordshire Lichfield18PL/1/14

BOSWELL Amy  +HARRISON Israel/1852  Northwood, Holy Trinity Staffordshire Stoke-On-Trent24/01/023

BOSWELL Elizabeth+ SKELTON Benjamin/1854 St Leonard's, New Malton, Ryedale Yorkshire HarrogateC90RY/1/212

BOSWELL Kaomi+ BOSWELL Meshach/1860 Runcorn, All SaintsCheshireHaltonC12/3/367

BOSWELL  Ann+SMITHEdward1/860  Manchester Register Office or Registrar Attended Lancashire ManchesterMCR_RM/46/69

BOSWELL Cornelius+LOVELL Delerany/1861  Manchester Cathedral Lancashire ManchesterCATH/133/441

BOSWELL Elzabeth +COOPER Herbert/1868  Manchester, St. JohnLancashireManchesterSTJ/32/320

BOSWELL Elias +BUCKLAND Selina/1870  Bath, Holy Trinity (Monmouth Place)BathC2/3/368

BOSWELL Esther +BOSWELLSeth/1872  Tamworth, St Editha Staffordshire Lichfield13PT/3/360

BOSWELL Ozias +LOVELL Speedwell/1872  Manchester, Gorton, St. James Lancashire Manchester56/1/139

BOSWELL Caroline +LEE Albert /1874 Dudley, St AndrewWest MidlandsDudley Register Office205/005/442

BOSWELL Margaret+ LOVELL David /1878 Liverpool, Our Lady & St. Nicholas & St. Anne Lancashire Liverpool2053LP/64/174

BOSWELL A lfred +SMITH Selina/1879  Stoke, St Peter Staffordshire Stoke-On-Trent31/18/230.

BOSWELL Ada +LEE William/1881-1885  Bunbury, St Boniface Cheshire Cheshire Central111/3/141

BOSWELL Lavinia +SMITH Shandrus/1882  Birkenhead, Civil Marriage Cheshire WirralBW/26/133

BOSWELL Sinfoy +SMITH Thomas/1882  Birkenhead, Civil Marriage Cheshire WirralBW/26/117

BOSWELL George +BOSWELL Matilda/1882 Civil Marriage (Leek)Staffordshire Staffordshire MoorlandsLR/4/12

BOSWELL Septimus+BUCKLAND Sinify1/884 Bath, St Paul BathC8/1/364

BOSWELL George +SMITH Gravelena /1887 Farnworth & Kearsley Parish Church, St John The Evangelist Lancashire Bolton

BUCKLAND Henry+SMITH Ann 1840 Box Wiltshire ChippenhamC5/1/23

BUCKLAND Elizabeth + AUST Uriah1842Bath, St Michael with Paul (Broad Street)BathC7/1/147

BUCKLAND John +OATLEY Ann1868Bath, St Swithin's Walcot (Paragon)BathC17/8/412

BUCKLAND Sinify+ BOSWELL Septimus 1884 Bath, St Paul Bath Bath C8/1/364



BUCKLAND  William 1838 age 37 Lyncombe/Widcombe - First Series Bath/LW1/1/212

BUCKLAND Frances 1840 age 2  Lyncombe/Widcombe - First SeriesBath /LW1/2/371

BUCKLAND Jane Ann1840 age 2 Lyncombe/Widcombe - First SeriesBathLW1/2/249

BUCKLAND Jane Ann1840 age about 1 Lyncombe Widcombe - First SeriesBath/LW1/2/253

BUCKLAND Lewis1840 age 25 Chew Magna BathCMG/1/266

BUCKLAND Mary1840 age 4 Malmesbury East Wiltshire ChippenhamME/1/454

BUCKLAND Mary1847 age 80 Malmesbury East Wiltshire ChippenhamME/3/378

BUCKLAND Sophia1847age 82 Malmesbury East WiltshireChippenham/ME/3/370

BUCKLAND Sophie1852 age81 Harptree Bath/HPT/3/009

BUCKLAND Absalom1855 age 36 Midsomer Norton Bath/MSN/6/290

BUCKLAND Timotheus Barrington1856age102Chew Magna Bath/CMG/4/215

BUCKLAND Celia1857age 80 Lyncombe/Widcombe - First SeriesBathLW1/12/433

BUCKLAND Ambrose1866age1 Walcot - First Series BathWL1/16/127

BUCKLAND Ann1866 age60 Lyncombe/Widcombe - First SeriesBathBathLW1/18/339

BUCKLAND Lydia1867age 0 Walcot - First SeriesBathWL1/16/480

BUCKLAND Thomas1869 age57 Abbey Bath ABB/22/198

BUCKLAND Emmanuel1874 age 80 Lyncombe/Widcombe - First SeriesBathBathLW1/23/385

BUCKLAND James Barrington1875age78 Midsomer NortonBathBathMSN/13/346

BUCKLAND Eliza1878age67 AbbeyBathBathABB/28/003

BUCKLAND George1881age24 Twerton - First SeriesBathTW1/12/347

BUCKLAND James1881age50 Walcot - First SeriesBathWL1/24/218

BUCKLAND Caroline1883age52 Walcot - First SeriesBathWL1/26/445

STANLEYMoses1837-SedgleyWest Midlands Dudley Register OfficeSEG/001/43

STANLEYHonor1838 age 31Keynsham  BathKEY/1/087

STANLEYIsabella1838 age 0/Midsomer Norton BathMSN/1/120

STANLEYBrittania1839 age7 Harptree  BathHPT/1/122

STANLEYCharlotte1840 age57 Malmesbury West Wiltshire ChippenhamMW/1/421

STANLEYMary1844 age 88 Abbey BathABB/5/379

STANLEYPhebe1851-Sedgley West Midlands Dudley Register OfficeSEG/020/120

STANLEYElizabeth1853 age58 Malmesbury East Wiltshire ChippenhamME/5/110

STANLEYPriscilla1854-OldburyWest  Midlands Sandwell  Register OfficeOLD/10/146

STANLEYRuth1854-Dudley West Midlands Dudley Register OfficeDUD/031/47

STANLEYElizabeth1870 age32 Lyncombe/Widcombe - First SeriesBathBathLW1/21/135

STANLEYMercy A1873-Dudley West Midlands Dudley Register OfficeDUD/073/27

STANLEYAbraham1874-Dudley West Midlands Dudley Register OfficeDUD/075/418

STANLEYEnos1874-Sedgley West Midlands Dudley Register OfficeSEG/062/334

STANLEYEdward1875 age 88 Corsham Wiltshire ChippenhamCOR/11/97



FLETCHER Hannah+ BUCKLEY John1837/Prestwich, St.MaryLancashireBuryCE18/1/2

FLETCHER Elizabeth +BUCKLEY James M /1838St Peter, LeedsYorkshireLeedsCE46/4/295

FLETCHER Catharine+ LEE Anthony1840 Manchester CathedralLancashireManchesterCATH/16/392

FLETCHER Margaret+ DRAPER William1842/St. Peter and St. Paul, OrmskirkLancashirePrestonCE14/1/214

FLETCHER Betsy +SMITH Titus1843/Prestwich, St.Mary LancashireBuryCE18/7/31

FLETCHER Elizabeth +COOPER James1843/Eccles Parish St Mary's LancashireSalfordC1/5/432

FLETCHER Fanny+ BUCKLEY Richard/Manchester Cathedral ManchesterCATH/32/66

FLETCHER Martha +WHARTON Samuel1843/Wavertree, Holy Trinity Lancashire Liverpool2080WD/1/34

FLETCHER Richard +WHARTON Ann1846 Rowley Regis, St GilesWest Midlands Sandwell Register Office

FLETCHER Amelia +COOPER Thomas1847 Stand, All SaintsLancashire BuryCE27/1/218

FLETCHER Ann +DAY Daniel1847Great Somerford Wiltshire ChippenhamC33/1/31

FLETCHER Eliza+ LEE  William1847Otley District Registered Building Yorkshire LeedsOTLEYRB/2/1

FLETCHER Annis+ BUCKLEY George1848 St Peter, LeedsYorkshire LeedsCE46/28/369

FLETCHER Ann+LEE Thomas1850 Bolton, St Peter Lancashire Bolton18/13/268

FLETCHER Sarah +JEFFS William1850 Tarvin, St Andrew Cheshire WestCE43/1/203

FLETCHER Abraham +BUCKLEY Kitty Hurst, St John TamesideCE14/1/27

FLETCHER Thomas +LEE Mary 1854 Rochdale, St Chad Lancashire RochdaleCE11/21/107

FLETCHER Johnson +HAZARD Sarah A1855St James (Sutton)Yorkshire HullHO/2/195

FLETCHER Eliza+ COOPER William1857Liverpool, Our Lady & St. Nicholas & St. Anne Lancashire Liverpool2053LP/35/194

FLETCHER Samuel+ LEE Sarah1857 Wordsley, Holy Trinity West MidlandsDudley Register Office018/004/45

FLETCHER Whitehurst +LEE Mary Ann1858Bury, St.Mary Lancashire BuryCE7/18/24

FLETCHER Hannah M +COOPER Henry Stockport, St MaryS tockport ST16/13/280

FLETCHER William +HARRISON Caroline1860Farnworth & Kearsley Parish Church, St John The EvangelistLancashireBolton27/3/134

FLETCHER Mary A +LEE Thomas1861Manchester, St. JohnLancashire Manchester STJ/21/458

FLETCHER Thomas +WELLS Hannah1861Bolton, St John Lancashire Bolton 62/1/463

FLETCHER George +BUCKLEY Mary1861Bowdon, St Mary Cheshire Trafford CE5/3/469

FLETCHER Elizabeth  + LEE Emmanuel1863 Bury, St.Mary Lancashire Bury CE7/20/415


STANLEY Elizabeth +BUCKLEY William1837 Prestwich, St.Mary LancashireBuryCE18/1/76

STANLEY Thomas +HERON Elizabeth1840 Liverpool, Register Office or Registrar AttendedLancashireLiverpoolREG_LP/6/32

STANLEY Thomas+COOPER Anne1841 Lichfield, St Michael Staffordshire Lichfield18PL/1/137

STANLEY James+SMITH Lucy1846 Garstang, St HelenLancashire PrestonCE6/1/256

STANLEY Sarah +BIRCH Thomas Manchester CathedralManchester CATH/52/177

STANLEY Ann+SMITH Isaac 1848 Liverpool, Our Lady & St. Nicholas & St. AnneLancashireLiverpool2053LP/19/159

STANLEY Emma A +STANLEY William1848Sedgley, All SaintsWest MidlandsDudley Register Office216/005/398

STANLEYJ oseph+SMITH Mary1851Manchester Cathedral Lancashire ManchesterCATH/83/401

STANLEY Thomas+HARRISON Hannah M1851 Manchester Cathedral LancashireManchesterCATH/87/320

STANLEY James+COOPER Mary1852 Macclesfield, Civil Marriage Cheshire Cheshire EastMRO/2/95

STANLEY Jane+SMITH Isaac1855 Cobridge, Christ Church Staffordshire Stoke-On-Trent6/1/115

STANLEY Edward H+COOPER Catherine B1856Liverpool, Register Office or Registrar AttendedLancashireLiverpoolREG_LP/64/168

STANLEY Charles+STANLEY Rebecca1857Liverpool, Our Lady & St. Nicholas & St. AnneLancashireLiverpool2053LP/35/293

STANLEY William+SMITH Sarah1857 Dudley, St Thomas West MidlandsDudley Register Office204/017/59

STANLEY Anne E+SMITH Charles .R.Liverpool, Holy TrinityLiverpool2103LP/2/273

STANLEY John +HICK Harriet .S .Stockport Civil Marriage StockportSTR/15/143

STANLEY Phoebe+WORTON Samuel1862 Wordsley, Holy TrinityWest MidlandsDudley Register Office018/004/266

STANLEY Samuel J+LEE Eliza .M.1864 Heaton Norris, St Thomas CheshireStockportST7/6/422

STANLEY Robert+LEE Sarah. A .1866 Manchester, St. John Lancashire ManchesterSTJ/28/443




 Christening:  04 APR 1847   Much Marcle, Hereford

Parents:   Mother:  MARIA HODGKINS  


Cinderella Cooper Pedigree  Birth:  About 1797 , Dorset


Cinderella Buckler : Birth:  20 NOV 1865    

  Christening:  28 JAN 1866   St Philip And St Jacob, Bristol, Gloucester

 Parents:   Father:  John Buckler    Mother:  Fanette .


CINDERELLA LOVELL LOVELL * Christening:  18 APR 1847   Rockfield, Monmouth

 Parents:   Father:  SPENCER LOVELL   Mother:  EPSILA  .



   Christening:  24 MAY 1847   Kinver, Stafford, England

 Parents:   Father:  SPENCER LOVELL    Mother:  HEPHZIBAH .


Mrs Cinderella Mills  

Event(s):  Birth:  About 1822   Of, Staple Fitzpaine, Somerset

Marriages:   Spouse:  Cornelius Mills .



   Christening:  07 JUL 1839   South Normanton, Derby,

 Parents:   Father:  ENOCH GASKIN    Mother:  ELLEN  .




   Christening:  08 APR 1827   Pattingham, Stafford, England

 Parents:   Father:  JAMES LOVELL    Mother:  MARY .



















Mixed Records