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Music Poems & Songs

              The Dukker By GypsyRoseLouise


With eyes that see the future she sees a sea of tears

She’ll tell to you your destiny, the way you’ll live your years


Always there is with her, a wish she didn’t know

The pain you’ll carry with you as through your years you go


The people flock around her and listen to her tales

They cross her hand with silver, and listen as she tell’s


she tell’s them all the good things, In there life there’ll be,

and she hide’s the sad things, she wish she didn’t see.


As people sit and listen she looks at them and sees

The good and bad of tomorrow, it makes her ill at ease


She see’s them on their death beds with family all around

She see’s them cut and bleeding laying on the ground


People say she’s gifted she thinks she has a curse

To see people’s death, there is nothing worse.


She wish’s all their tomorrows where a secret place

Then she could wake up happy a smile upon her face

Music Poems & Songs

                  My Story’s Half told


Though my years i have seen so many things

To my heart's joy and pain the memories bring

I’m To old to be young but to young to be old

I’m right in the middle my story’s half told


The years slip away not only the days

And i miss in my heart the old fashion ways

The people long gone are always with me

I close my eyes and there faces i see


Aunt Kate sits with a pot by the side of the fire

Peeling potato’s she was the best cook by far

Uncle Aaron is moving his trailer along

Never in one place did he stay very long


Granny and bobos are having a row

She was always my granny’s number one gal

Old Joe stockins is singing a song

With his wife Emily singing along


Old skordy and loui would do a boot sale

Their busy old hands are put to rest now

Old charlotte’s Henry could fight with the best

Many gypsy man has put him to test


the years so quickly have seem to roll on

You don’t stay a tickna for very long

with kit’s loui’s gal kitty i’d run star lane site

And come home to me mother a proper eye sight


Old renolds i thought was one of the best

Me and kitty would get in his trailer and make it a mess

He’d find us and always shoo us away

But never with a smack did we have to pay


The years went by, I got prettier the older i grow

i was a good looking girl and its true that i know

I’d walk Epsom downs looking my best

And i knew that the boys were very impressed


I’d be with my cousins and we’d go on the rides

Now there all married and living their lives

But still up the downs we sometimes will meet

The faces are so changed of some that i greet


I guess that its true that were all getting old

The best half of our story as already been told

My Romany Gypsy Family