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New Additions Various Transcripts

1871* Mitcham County: Surrey  


Frederick Gatrell( guttrel?)31 hd chair bottomer b Brighton, Sussex

Sophia Gatrell34 b Westminster, Middlesex

Frederick Gatrell5 b Mitcham, Surrey

George Gatrell9 months b Mitcham, Surrey

Israel Gatrell3 b Walworth, Surrey

Naomi Gatrell7 b Croydon, Surrey

George Stanley21  lodger chair bottomer b

Cinderella Stanley20 wife b Battersea

Frederick Stanley9 months son b Mitcham, Surrey

George Stanley21  lodger chair bottomer b Kingston, Surrey


1871*Long Buckby : Peterborough : Long Buckby : Northamptonshire  

(Blincocs?Hovel gang of Tinkers buckleys folly?)Camping in the lane area,Blincos Hovel and sleeping in the  hovel with permission of servant)

Note on Index henry and Ann was missing !!but on the actual Image)

Henry Boswell 40 b Gatesby/Northampton  Tinker /razor Grinder

Mary .A. Boswell wife 32 b warks

Thomas Boswell 26  hd b Walcott, Warwickshire

Cinderella Boswell 20 wife b Roxton, Oxfordshire

Eli Boswell 25  b Radstone, Northamptonshire

Cornelious Fletcher 12  b Banbury, Oxfordshire


1871* Town: Bristol County: Gloucestershire  

John Buckland 35 hd Hawker b Clanfield, Oxfordshire

 Fanny Buckland 30 wife b Ashington, Berkshire

Cinderella Buckland 5  dau b St Georges

Circender Buckland dau 3  b Crichlet

Emmily Buckland 10 dau b Lidyyard

Joshua Buckland 13  son b Worcestershire

Motte Buckland 15  son b Hayfield, Oxfordshire hawker

Walter Buckland son 3 weeks  b Bristol

William Buckland 17  bson  Hayfield, Oxfordshire musciscian


James Buckland hd 29 hawker b Stratton

Emily buckland wife 26 b grove berks

Leona dau age 12 b Chicester

Mazelly dau age 8 b Leicesterhire

William son age 3 b Droitwich Worcs

Sinphie dau age 6 months b Clanfield Oxford


Leonard Stephens hd 45 Tin-man b Tedworth

Thactotte? wife 45 b Gloucestershire


Maphiss? Stephens age 27 Hawker b Middlesex

Mariah wife  24 b Marlow Bucks

Comely? dau 2 b Middlesex

Owen son 6 months b Glos


Emily Green hd 24 married  Hawker b Upton Berks

Fria?? dau 11 b Lydinton?

Selina dau 8 b Lydington?

Benjamin son 7 b Bristol

Elderia dau 4 B Bristol

Laddie? son 47 months b Glos


1861*St Pancras, Middlesex

Thomas Boswell hd unmarried b Suffolk,  Street M??

Philipea Boswell 85  hd b Shoreditch, Middlesex


1861* Bow St Mary, Middlesex

John Boswell 48  hd b Winchester

Mary Boswell 37  wife b Cambridgeshire

Charlotte Boswell 5  dau b Strude, Kent

Ebenezer Boswell 20  son b Northamptonshire

Elias Boswell 40  brother b Cambridgeshire

Matilda Boswell 18  b Strude, Kent

Nelson Boswell 8  b Strude, Kent

Cinderella Boswell 65  mother b Gloucestershire


 1861*  Parish: Stratton Audley : Oxfordshire  

(List of persons not in houses)

Sinderella Beldam 22 hd Unm/ b Little Hamden, Buckinghamshire Gypsy

Amadine Beldam 5  dau b Stulily, Buckinghamshire

Lavina Beldam 6  dau b Kent


Sophia Beldam 35 hd Unm/b Yelden, Kent Gypsy

Aaron Beldam 4  b Stoke Lyne, Oxfordshire

Miarenney Beldam 7  b Grandborough, Buckinghamshire

Sidnel Beldam 10  son b Bletchley, Buckinghamshire


Ansel Bailes 33  hsd Gypsy b Evenley, Northamptonshire


Susannah Bullen 59  hd widow Gypsy b  Eullotle, Northamptonshire

Arthur A Smith 10 visitor b Preston Bissett, Buckinghamshire


1861*Leonard Stanley: Gloucestershire  (All put born N/K) Except 1 !!

Nk Davis 45  

Cinderella Davis 49  

Mary Davis 20  

Nk Davis 11  

Nk Davis 8  

Nk Davis 5  

Tryner Davis 14  

William Davis 17  


Abraham Mustoe hd 45 Brazier/ Tin-man b

 Ellen Mustoe 43  wife hawker

Allice   //16  dau hawker  

Jane  //21  dau hawker

John  //15  son Brazier/Tin-man

Reuben // 8  sonr

Sarah /// 5  daub

William  ///12  hawker son


Gildrie Smith 23  Horse dealer

Eva Smith 22  

William Smith 2  


Samson Smith 21  hd brazier/Tin-man b Haddington, Buckinghamshire  


Adam Stephens 24  brush maker

Lettigha Stephens 25  

William Stephens 2  


1861*Mile End Old Town  County/Island: Middlesex  

(Earnest street Caravans)

Samuel Peaks 73  hawker b Buckinghamshire

Eliza Peaks 13  dau b Norfolk

Joseph Peaks 8  son b Essex

Maria Peaks 43  wife b Coventry

William Peaks 10  son b Bury


Cathrine McFarlin wife 50  hawker b Stepney

John McFarlin 51  hawker hd b Whitechapel

Mary McFarlin 27  dau b Whitechapel

Maryann McFarlin 4  g/dau b// Stepney

Barbera Lee 69  hd b Kent Gypsy

Cindesella Lee 16  g/dau b Maidstone, Kent

Frambridge Lee 12  g/dau b Maidstone, Kent

Joseph Lee 17  g/son b Maidstone, Kent

Sampson Lee 48  son b Acton, Middlesex

William Lee 8  g/son b Bow Common


Miscilie Bosswell 45  wife b Barnet, Hertfordshire Gypsy

William Bosswell 45 hd b Worcestershire Gypsy


1861*Chiddingfold, Surrey(Caravan persons not in houses)

Elias Gibbs 40  hd  b /all blank/

Rhoda Smith 44  

Cinderella Smith 16  


1861* Hemyock  County/Island: Devon  

Cornelius Mills 53  hd Tin-man/basket/Maker b Sturminster, Dorset

Cinderella Mills 50  wife Basket/maker b Southampton

Joseph Mills 9  son  b Gothurst, Somerset/Basket/maker

Louisa Mills 11  dau b Staples, Somerset,

Matilda Mills 14  dau b Brad, Devon/Basket/maker

Rosetta Mills 17  dau b Chinley, Devon/Basket/maker

Susan Mills 24  dau b Sparkford, Somerset/Basket/maker




New Additions Various Transcripts

 1861*Wednesfield, Staffordshire


Stwddveras Lovell 26 hd b Aldbourne, Worcs

Cinderella Lovell wife 20  b  Bath, Somerset

Mochas Lovell 19 brother b Dexdley, Worcs


Cathmen Lovell 5 weeks  

Emma Lovell 25  

Enoch Lovell 30  

Keomi Lovell 3  


Alfred Boswell 2  

Sampson Boswell 26  

Sarah Boswell 24  

Tryram Boswell 6 Mo  


Alfred Boswell 29  

John Boswell 10  

Selina Boswell 25


Caroline Boswell 11  

John Boswell 3  

Orlando Boswell 9  

Rebecca Boswell 8 Mo  

Rudolphus Boswell 35  

Tranetta Boswell 37  

Zuby Boswell 4  


Kewziles Boswell 6  

McKenzie Boswell 40  

Sarah Boswell 30  

Zealand Boswell 9  


 Celey Lovell 69  wid b Peterborough, Northamptonshire

Speedwelly Lovell 35  dau b  //Gloucestershire


1861*Buckinghamshire > Olney 

Plato Loverige 45hd b Winwick, Hampshire Basket/Maker

Hannah Loverige 40 wife b Shutlanger, Northamptonshire

Benjamin Loverige13 b Towcester,

George Loverige15 b Towcester,

John Loverige10 b Towcester,

Joseph Loverige 6 Mo Bucks Olney

Mary Loverige 5 b Towcester,

Thos Loverige 7 b Towcester,