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Newspaper Articles 2

Chelmsford May 28th 1802 Ispwich Journal

Tuesday last JAMES LEE, LYDIA LEE & ANGLETTA LOVEL, all gypsies and the last mentioned near 80yrs old belonging to the Nottinghamshire gang were committed to the house of correction here by J TYRELL ESQ as rogues and vagabounds.


A Gang of 12 vagabonds consisting of 3 males and 9 females strolling about the country as Gypsies have been apprehended at BORLEY near SUDBURY SUFFOLK  who it seems harbour in ST GILES LONDON some short portion of the year.

The Head of gang was JOSEPH & HANNAH LOVEL and them were 2 daughters ESTER & SUSAN another niece called RUTH.

A woman who calls herself CINDERELLA BOSWELL a native of STAFFORDSHIRE but travels in ESSEX

PALISE wife of BOSWELL son travels with her from Ispwich, but the son travels as a grinder.

JOSEPH LOVEL having 2 years ago been adjudged a rogue and vagbond and committed to house of correction at CHELMSFORD for 6mths .The rest of party were committed for a month.

Ispwich Journal Sat Jan 26th 1811

A few days ago was married being the fourth time at Norton near Gaulby Leciestershire LAWERENCE WINSOR a celebrated fiddler and travelling brazier and formly noted leader of agang of gypsies aged 86 to JOHANNA SKELTON of Coaton in the elms aged 22


Mon 13th April 1812 Hampshire Telegraph Sussex & Hampshire Chonicle

Adam & Thomas Lee 2 of the gypsies last week at Kingston Assizes for highway robbery were tried and convicted and sent to be hanged along with William Sewell for beating his sister and brother in law ordered to be excuted on Monday next at HORSEMONGER LANE SOUTHWARK

A most touching scene between Thomas Lee and his wife on their return from Kingston she being found guilty of accomplice sentenced to transportion for life, they took there final leave of each other the husband embraced his wife and then his infant child which was in his wife's arms.


 2 young men by the name of HENRY & JOHN GASKIN otherwise known as SMITH were detained on suspicion of stealing a donkey and cart in Newport some of there relatives have been in LAUREL HULK at PORTSMOUTH.




The pictures below are of Dorset's reknowned fortune teller and local "Romany Queen" Dianna Turner.Hundreds turned out for the funeral at Blandford Dorset on 21st July 1999 it was truly an occasion to be remembered, not just because of the great family loss, but when the horses drawing the coffin entered the market square ,it was as if time had stood still ,the whole area being motionless except for the horses hooves .The funeral men's costumes adding to the occasion it was as if you were back in the 1800s when there were no cars ,and the old market town of Blandford looking little changed from what it was a 200 years ago  . It was a special send off for a special lady!! and i'm sure Diny would have approved !

Echo Wed 21 July 1999 Echo Wed 21 July 19992