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Robert (Bob) Lovell Family


BOB LOVELL'S Lovell Family


Although early baptisms have been found for Staffordshire the Lovells seem to have travelled all over England and some of Bobs branch settled in Wales Bob however lives in New Zealand.


Daniel & Violetta(Virtue)


William Lovell (Slack)& Sarah (Sela Hearn/Heron)Slack had more than one partner)

Baptism* WILLIAM LOVELL:10/7/1785 North Luffenham, Rutland TO DANIEL AND VIRTUE LOVELL

Was brother to Ambi Lovell

Grt- Grt ... Fredrick Lovell & Carnation Lovell -parents Ambi & Sophia Lovell

Grt..........Syrenda Lovell & Rosi Small

Grandparents ....Adolphus Lovell & Bertha Lee

Parents.........Adolphus Reuben Lovell & Rona Beard

Son.......Robert  (Bob) Lovell


Descendants from : Daniel Lovell born abt 1750 :

(Only partial Not complete yet) Also as some had more than one partner and close

relationships as in cousin marriages and partnering 2 sisters in one instance this

page will be added too or amended if and when we have new info!!If you see a error

and can add new info please let us know :)


Wiliam(Slack & Sela(Sara's) children)

Major : Married Rosanna Twigg 1854 Carmarthen Dyfed, Pembrokeshire


John :

Aladdin (Ladin:)

Tom :


Harriet : Married Jerry Burton from Somerset

Gypsy Lore Society - 1956 - The present distribution of the Slack Lovell family is something of a mystery, for their presence anywhere is so rarely reported that one is almost driven to believe that they must have disappeared, or hidden themselves away in (then mentioned Harriet Lovell wed to Jerry Burton who was in Somerset before moving down to Wales)

Gypsy Lore Society - 1962 -

 Adolphus Lovell. Adolphus was a grandson of Slack Lovell, the founder of the South Wales Lovell family and of the Welsh Burtons, his daughter Harriet having married a West Country traveller, Jerry Burton from who all the Welsh Burtons are descended.


Slacks children continued*





Pictured below is Rosie Small who married Cirrenda Lovell in 1876 at Helston In Cornwall

Robert (Bob) Lovell Family

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Pictured right is Bob's Grandparents Adolphus Ruben (Robert) Lovell (served in WW1 in France ) with Bertha nee Lee & daughter Rose -Roda )

Adolphus Reuben Lovell

Robert (Ridge) Lovell

Parents of John Lee who wed Laura Lee)

1871*Mynyddyslwyn:Town: Clawrplwyf:Monmouthshire

Gildrare Lee   44

Siburnvin Lee 33  (Nee Silvania Ford)

Shadrach Lee 9

Aaron Lee 4

John Lee 3 **

Hosea Lee 6 Months

Matilda Lee 7


1881*Llanbeblig, Caernarvonshire

John Lee abt 1822 Penzance, Cornwall, England Head

Sylvania Lee abt 1842 Dursley, Gloucestershire, England Wife

Shadrach Lee abt 1862 Newport Son

Matilda Lee abt 1863 Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales Daughter

Aaron Lee abt 1869 Blackwood Son  

John Lee abt 1871 Near Kidwelly Son

Hosea Lee abt 1873 Morriston, Glamorgan, Wales Son

Leonard Lee abt 1874 Near Pontypridd Son

Gilroy Lee abt 1875 Llantwitmajor, Glamorgan, Wales Son

Sylvania Lee abt 1879 Near Quaker's Yard, Glamorgan, Wales Daughter


John James   abt 1861  Pershore, Worcestershire,   Head    

Ishmael James abt 1863 Near Oswestry, Shropshire, Brother


1891* Ystradyfodwg, Glamorgan

John Lee bt 1831  Chester  Head  Ystradyfodwg, Glamorgan  

Gilvinas Lee (Silvania) abt 1853 Gloucestershire,  Wife

Erand Lee abt 1868 Blackhood, Somerset, England Son

Hosiah Lee abt 1872 Mornstown, Glamorgan, Wales Son

Elntry Lee abt 1877 Llanwitt, Glamorgan, Wales Son

John Lee abt 1870 Carmarthenshire, Wales Son  

Silvina Lee abt 1878 Tretarris, Glamorgan, Wales Daughter  

Flora Lee abt 1874 Monmouthshire, Wales Daughter


Levi Scarritt abt 1851 Bedshire, Gloucestershire Head

Sophia Scarritt abt 1851 Chepstow Wife

Levoi Scarritt abt 1873 Merthyr-Tydfil Son

Earnest Scarritt abt 1886 Pontypridd Son

Sophia Scarritt   abt 1877 Newport, Monmouthshire Dau

Susan Scarritt abt 1883 Neath Daughter