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Romany Books and Journals


ActonThomas    Romani Rokkeripen To-Divvus1984Romanestan Publications

ActonThomas    Romanichal Gypsies 1997 Wayland

Bairacli-Levy, de Juliett   Wanderers in the New Forest 1960Country Book Club

Borrow George   Bible in Spain, The 1899 John Murray

Borrow George   English Gypsy Word-Book 1889 Taylor & Francis

Borrow George   Gypsies of Spain, The 1901 John Murray

Borrow George   Isopel Berners 1901 Hodder & Stoughton

Borrow George   Romano Lavo-Lil: Word-Book of the Romany or, English Gypsy Language 1919 John Murray

Borrow George   Romano Lavo-Lil: Word-Book of the Romany or, English Gypsy Language 1907 John Murray

Borrow George   Romany Rye, The 1900 John Murray

Borrow George   Wild Wales 1907 John Murray

Borrow George   Wild Wales 1989 Century

Boswell Silvester Gordon   Book of Boswell,

Croft-Cooke Rupert    Circus Book, The NK Sampson Low, Marston & Co

Croft-Cooke Rupert    Few Gypsies, A 1955 Puttnam

Croft-Cooke Rupert    Moon in My Pocket, The: Life with the Romani 1948 Sampson Low, Marston & Co

Crofton H T       Dialect of the English Gypsies, The see Smart B C 1875 Asher & Co

Davies Jennifer Tales of the Old Gypsies 1999 David and Charles

Dodds Norman N Gypsies, Didikois and Other Travellers 1966 Johnson Publications

Frankham Eli    More from Eli 1999 Hill Street Printers

Fraser Angus   George Borrow: A Bibliographical Study  1984 St Paul's Bibliography

Fraser Angus   Gypsies,The 1993 Blackwell

Gibbins Henry E J   Gypsies of the New Forest and other tales 1909 W Mate & Sons

Hancock Ian   Handbook of Vlax Romani, A 1995 University of Texas Press

Hancock Ian   Pariah Syndrome: An Account of Gypsy Slavery and Persecution, The 1987 Karoma Publishers

Hancock Ian   Roads of the Roma, The: A PEN anthology of Gypsy Writers 1998 UHP

Hancock Ian   We are the Romani People 2002 University of Hertfordshire

Hoyland John Historical Survey of the Customs, Habits, & Present State of the Gypsies 1816 Darton, Harvey & Co

Keet-Black     Janet Some Travellers in the 1891 Census 1999 Romany & Traveller FHS

Keet-Black     Janet Some Travellers in the 1891 Census - 2 2000 Romany & Traveller FHS

Lee Terence  Lee  Family Tree Volume 1, The: The Lee and Smith Gipsy Genealogy 1992 Terence Lee

Lee Terence  Lee  Family Tree Volume 2, The: The Lee and Smith Gipsy Genealogy 1993 Terence Lee

Lee Terence  Smith Gipsy Genealogy and Related Gipsy Families, 1995 Terence Lee

Leland Charles G   English Gipsies and their Language, The 1893 Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner & Co

Leland Charles G   Gypsies, The 1894 Houghton, Mifflin & Co

Loveridge Pat        Calendar of Fairs and Markets held in the nineteenth century 2003 RTFHS

Pennell Elizabeth Robins To Gipsyland 1893 T Fisher Unwin

Romany Rawny     Gypsies of the Heath 1916 Elkin Mathews

Sampson Anthony Gypsy Scholar, The: The Quest for a Family Secret 1997 John Murray

Sampson John      Dialect of the Gypsies of Wales, The 1926 Clarendon Press

Sampson John      Gypsy Language and Origin 1907  

Sandford Jeremu  Rokkering to the Gorjios 2000 University of Hertfordshire

Sandford Jeremy  Gypsies 1975 Abacus

Smart B C             Dialect of the English Gypsies, The 1875 Asher & Co

Smith Cornelius    Life Story of Gipsy Cornelius Smith 1890 John Heywood

Smith George       Gipsy Life: Being an Account of Our Gipsies and their Children & Suggestions for their Improvement 1880 Haughton & Son

Smith Gipsy          Beauty of Jesus, The: Memories and Reflections 1932 The Epworth Press

Smith Gipsy          Evangelistic Talks  Hodder and Stoughton

Smith Gipsy          Gipsy Smith:  His Life and Work by Himself 1901 National Council of the Evangelical Free Churches

Smith Hubert        Tent Life with English Gipsies in Norway 1873 Henry S King

Smith Jess            Jessie's Journey 2002 Mercat Press

Soper Irene          Romany Way, The 1994 Ex Libris Press

Stockin Jimmy                 On the Cobbles: the life of a bare-knuckle Gypsy warrior 2000 Mainstream Publishing Company

Vesey-FitzGerald Brian   Gypsies of Britain 1974 Readers Union

Vesey-FitzGerald Brian   Gyspsy Borrow 1953 Dennis Dobson

Vesey-FitzGerald            Brian New Forest, The 1969 Robert Hale

Ward-Jackson C H          English Gypsy Caravan, The 1973 Country Book Club

Whyte Betsy                    Yellow on the Broom, The 1991 Futura

Whyte Betsy                    Yellow on the Broom, The 1991 Futura

Wood Manfri Frederick    In the Life of a Romany Gypsy 1973 Routledge & Kegan Paul

Yates Dora E                  My Gypsy Days: Recollections of a Romani Rawnie 1953 Phoenix House

Yoors Jan Gypsies,        The 1967 George Allen & Unwin

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Romany Books and Journals