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Romany Rais and Rawnies


Any one with Romany genes owe a big thank you for the forsight of the old Gypsy Scholars or as  the old folki called  them the Romany Ryes and Rawnies who at times lived and travelled with the old Romanies on the road and saw their lifestyle and their customs and heard and recorded their Language (Romanes) for without them we would know very much less than we do now. By nature and culture the Romanies were secretive and very gaurded of the outsider or as they called them the "gorga/gawje/" this

was only natural because ofpass persecution by the authorities and people at large . When it was fashionable to be studying the exotic "Gypsy tribes" many scholars followed the Gypsies around the Country recording their secret language and customs and

also their family history many genealogies and photos are now secured for future generations by the efforts of these individuals.


One has to allway's check the data as I have found many mistakes in regard to the family connection's of many of the families,this

is to be expected given that it was normal pratice then for a particular man to have more than one partner and children by several different mothers! and all at the same time . Also taking into account that the many different accents that the Gypsie spoke as

most  did not read or write then ,and so the Ryes had to write down what they heard and the way in which it was pronounced so therefor regional dialects affected the words that were recorded but as they never had the resources available to them such as

 we have today like  the online Census and other records they did a wonderfull job in safe gaurding what little of the Romany

history that we have.


The history, Photos and various Family Genealogies are held at the University of Liverpool, Special Collections and Archives Title:The Gypsy Collections: Deposited by Robert Andrew Scott Macfie & Gypsy Lore Society .

Which brings us to the Gypsy Lore Society , an international association of persons interested in Gypsy and Traveller Studies,

was founded in Great Britain in 1888.


Since 1989 it has been headquartered in the United States.The first period of the society lasted only four years when, in 1892, having published only 3 volumes of the Journal of the Gypsy Lore Society, lack of funds paralysed its activities. MacRitchie its founder, though, was determined to revive the Society and, despite the fact that many of the contributors had died, he began in 1906, to discuss with John Sampson reviving the society. And it was Robert Andrew Scott Macfie that they chose to rouse the society once more and a very good choice it turned out to be !


 In 1907 the first volume of the JGLS New Series was issued however with the start of the first world war it wained once again and Macfie after four years service in the War found it impossible to start again.

1922 saw the third revival by Messrs J and W Ferguson, this chapter of the Society was a success, continuing for the next fifty-two years until the death of Dora Yates in 1974 that ended what remains as the longest run of the Society which, with Liverpool no longer as its base produced a sporadic fourth series and, in 1977, re-located, re-emerging as the Gypsy Lore Society North American Chapter. The Archive of the Gypsy Lore Society remains at Liverpool University and is a unique testament to the Society and the Gypsyologists who worked so hard to preserve the rich and colourful History of the Romany people.


As well as the Journals themselves, there are also hundreds of scribbled notes and letters of correspondence between the Lorist's which make for fascinating reading ,but be warned ! your eyes had better be good because some of the notes are a nightmare to read !as they have been written down on scraps of paper or note books and often in a hurry , maybe the old folki was talking too fast for the Rai's! also the hand writing of some of the Rai's was so small I had to use a magnifier on some! But I enjoy a challeng and I loved reading the old note's and letter's and gleaned much from them. Below is a short extract as an example of what you

can find in the Journals:-


"The Palmers are a posh-rat family that originated about a century ago with the marriage of lydia or Liti Smith,a sister of the

famous Yoki Shuri (see Lavo Lil) to Robert Palmer,who is said to be a farmer's son from somewhere near Kingston-on-Thames,wheres Liti's mother Sophia Chilcott,alias Buckland.lived for many years after her husband Elijah Smith was transported. By her gorgio rom,Liti had at least six children:Chrlie,Noah,Lazzie who died unmarried, Hamelen and Sampson who are no more than names to me,and Genti.Charlie, who wedded Georgina, daughter of Arthur and Yuni Lee, has issue Hamelen,Edward,

Bendigo Lydia,Membrance,and Elizabeth.Noah's wife was his cousin Britannia Cooper,daughter of Nelson Cooper,a brother of leland's friend Mattie,and of Liti's sister Bella; whilst their children's names in the order in which they were recorded from Render Smith, were nathaniel,Bella,Kesi,Sarah,Charlie and Sampson."


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