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 Romany Sources & Reference's

 If you are fortunate enough to bare a well known / documented Romany name,then there are many source's available to you for example :-The journal of the Gypsy Lore Society which was started in 1888 ,recorded many of the well established English Romanchials such as Stanley/Lovell/Cooper/Wood/ Buckland/Heron/Hearn/Smith/Loveridge and many more .Some times this was due to the fact that some of the Gypsie's were more aproachable than other's and in more accessable areas,although the Ryes/Rais did venture to quite remote place's in Wales to record Manfri Wood's tribe.Since that time there are many name's that are not so familiar but are still Romany,maybe the names were altered when marriages took place or because of some trouble with the authorities which was a common occurrance among the traveller's!One name brought to my attention by a message left on the message board page is Wilsher ,which if any one can enlighten me with I would be gratefull,apparently they married into the Smith family.I thought it might be interesting to maybe have a page where folks who are from various famillia can post questions or queries and that way we can help one another, and maybe make the connection of the lesser known Romany name's to the better known name's.Below are some books that are Genealogical gold dust for any one who have  Romanies in  their family tree.



Volume 1: The Pedigrees. By Robert Dawson (A4, 142 pages)


TRAVELLERS & FAIRKEEPERS (Fom the Cotswolds & Vale Of The White Horse To Regions Beyond)



Part 2 ABRAHAM BUCKLAND & and his Children A4 (32)Pages

Part 3 MANTIS BUCKLAND His Kin and their Associates A4(32)Pages

Part 4 ALIBON SMITH "Some of his tribe" With Addenda/Revisions A4 (36)Pages

Part 5 THE SPURRETTS Their Families & Associates.

Part 6 ADDENDA & REVISIONS to parts one to five(28 A 4 Pages)


Limited number available signed & numbered,soft cover stapled.

(These were a Limited self publication so you would need to check if they are still available)

Excellent Genealogical data for any one with Buckland Ancestors and also Smith's once again! Jim has pieced together the major Buckland Line's and followed through with the many marriages between the Smith's,Shaws and

many other Romany families and has also given credit to Terrence Lee where due.


                                      Also self published the Massive and Incredible  

                                           SMITH GENEALOGIES BY TERRENCE LEE


Lee Terence Lee Family Tree Volume 1, The: The Lee and Smith Gipsy Genealogy 1992 Terence Lee

Lee Terence Lee Family Tree Volume 2, The: The Lee and Smith Gipsy Genealogy 1993 Terence Lee

Lee Terence Smith Gipsy Genealogy and Related Gipsy Families, 1995 Terence Lee


I know that Terrence Lee has deposited copies in the British Library , whether they are still available to buy I am not sure but if you can then its well worth it .In my oppinion Terence Lee has done probably more than some of the old well publicised "Romany Rye's" and with much less credit being given to him for the Incredible Smith tree's .He has untangled and joined together many of the relationship's between many of the Romany families and has also put the full details of where and when the records were found and has where necessary cross referenced data with original oral say collected by the Rye's and added together with the records we now have available (which the old Rye's never had ) Terrence Lee has completed a magnificent feat ,and I take my hat off to him as I know only too well the amount of time and energy and sheer staying power and time it must have taken to unravel the families ! many would have given up! we are indeed indebted to Mr. Lee for providing a wonderfull piece of history for  future generations to see at a "glance" what ( if ever they do find out ) would have taken them years of research. I for one thank you sir.







Another man who has also devoted his life to Romany History :-

Robert Dawson has devoted a lifetime to Romany History and has wrote many books on the subject, and has also donated all his research material and books to the Romany and Traveller Family History Society of which he is President, the  Robert Dawson Romany Collection  has been deposited at the Museum of English Rural Life, University of Reading.(From the RTFHS Site)


"Assembled over many years, the Collection includes not only copies of the most important published works on Gypsy history and culture but also a large number of notebooks and manuscripts compiled by Robert Dawson himself, recording family histories, research findings and observations of Gypsy life, plus illustrations, photographs, music and video recordings and ephemera with a Gypsy theme.There are also many examples of Gypsy crafts.

As a result of the expert cataloguing undertaken by Committee members of the Romany & Traveller Family History Society, much of the Collection is now available by appointment as a vital new resource for those with Gypsy forebears, as well as academic researchers wishing to learn more about the major contribution the Romany Gypsy has made to the English rural economy for the past 500 years."



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