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Sampson Boswell Family


Sampson Boswell Family

Sampson Boswell  family


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 Sampson Howard Limb Boswell pictured on the right ,was born on 6 sep 1920 he was registered with the government on 17 sep 1920, baptised on 19 sep 1920. His father is not registered on his birth certificate, but is on his baptisim certificate together with his mother Alice Jackson. My father told my brothers, sister's and myself that my grandfather felt that he did not have to go to the registrar to register him because as far as he was concerned he was baptised in the eyes of the Lord. My father used the name Boswell until he went into the army, after he came out of the army he used the name Jackson.

As my father was growing up he was known has Sammy Boswell, I know if he was here today he would be so proud.  He had 17 children with my mother  Marjorie he had been married before he met my mum and had 3 children.



                                                Derbyshire Boswells


The Derbyshire Boswells go back to Lawrence Boswell He was originally from the south of England he was first seen in Derby during the winter of 1832-1833 in a place named Smally. His death is recorded in the Derby Mercury, June 19th 1833 it reads.  At an advanced age a few days since, Lawrence Boswell said to be King of the Gipsies.   He had been in declining health a considerable time and during the last two or three months was, with a part of his family, lying encamped in Draycot Lane between this town and Nottingham. Many gipsies form distant quarters assembled to bid him a last farewell.  Lawrence father is said to be Dan Boswell known as the rough-rider, from having been in gentlemen’s service in this capacity for a while. Not the Dan Boswell buried in Selston. Lawrence said that he has no Royal blood running through is veins and would laugh at anyone that said he did.

His wives were Betty Buckland and Margaret Boswell (Peggy). He had four children with Betty. Lucretia (Norni) she is said to have been a beautiful woman and the subject of pictures by Mr Oakley and Mr Grimshaw. She died a spinster and is buried at Wyrley South Staffordshire age 82. Moses (My 4xgrandfather) his first wife was Sarah Buckland his second Trenit Heron. He died age70 and is buried at Etwall, Derby. Sam married Tieni daughter of Major Boswell and Mary Linyon died age 87 buried at Aldridge, Walsall.  And Lucy she married Edwin or Edward Buckland, known as Wiggi whom she left a widow.

Moses my 3xgrandfather had 3 children with my3x grandmother Sarah Buckland. Sam born 1809 he had two sons, M’Kenzie and Loni and a daughter Caroline. Nathan (my2xgrandfather) born 1811 and Susan who had two daughters with Sampson Lee prior to his marriage to Rosanna Buckland.

Nathan my 2xgrandfather died aged 37 of Small Pox he left behind his wife Rhoda Heron and children. They had six children together Elijah died age 12. Dillinder died age 82 (I am named after her) Lucretia.   George died 1923 Makeda died age 15 and my great grandfather Sampson died 1898. Rhoda and her daughters are buried in Hucknall Torkard Nottingham also her granddaughter Vashti is buried there. There are several Boswells buried in Hucknall Torkard Nottingham cemetery relating to the Derbyshire Boswells.

Sampson married his cousin Carolina Boswell daughter of Aaron and Matilda Boswell. Carolina had a daughter (before she married Sampson), to Benjamin Boswell named Veronica. Veronica married John Dixon a gorja from Scotland. John became blind and stopped working and so it was left for Veronica to work. She sold brushes and combs for a living. She is buried with Carolina her mother. Carolina had four children with Sampson, Walter he died age 25 He was living in a wagon in Halls Lane, Stapleford with Nelson and Georgina when he died. He died a bachelor.

Vashti died age 54 in Nottingham. She married Thomas Butler; they had two daughters together Annie and Nellie. Annie died young leaving her husband and children behind she is buried in Hucknall Nottingham. Nellie married George Rayner, they had three daughter and a son together Thye emigrated to New Zealand in 1922.

Nelson died age 85 in Derby. He is buried with his second wife Caroline. Nelson’s first wife was Georgina Ride the daughter of Mary Boswell and George Ride.  George Ride was a gorja. Georgina and Nelson had four children together three of which died in infancy the other Lawrence died age 25 of TB. Georgina also died young.  Several years later after Georgina’s death, Nelson married his cousin, Caroline Boswell. Caroline was the daughter of Theophilus Boswell brother of Carolina Boswell my great grandmother.    Nelson and Caroline lived together in a house in Derby until they both died.

 John Howard Boswell my grandfather was born in 1876 in Doncaster. I could write a book about him but I will be brief   John’s first wife was Edith Allsopp a gorja woman from Derby they met in 1901 and married. By 1911 they were living apart. They had five children of which one died. The children were brought up by their mother. And as far as I know my grandfather never saw them again.  

By 1913 John and my grandmother Alice Jackson were living together. They had three children Walter born 1914 died age 4 half years Thora born 1917 died 2009 age 92 and my father Sampson Howard Limb Boswell. My father was born in a bow top wagon at Breaston on the hill Derbyshire.  

 Sampson my great grandfather travelled around Derbyshire with his uncle Nelson they are in 1871 and 1891 census. Nelson, son of Moses and Trenit Heron, was charged with the manslaughter of his sister’s child’s father George Ryde and was later acquitted. (Nelson was half brother to my 2xgrandfather Nathan). George Ryde and Mary Boswell are together in 1871 census. Mary and George had a child together in 1871 Georgina; she was five years old when her father died. Georgina married my grandfather’s brother Nelson.  They had four children 3 of which died in infancy and the other a boy Lawrence died of TB age 25. Georgina died young leaving Nelson with Lawrence.  

This is a direct line of the Derbyshire Boswells. We are Romany’s we come from India I know we come from India as my brother has had his DNA tested.  I still have a lot more research to do.