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John Broadway
Isabella Broadway


From the Dayton Ohio Journal Aug 1st 1879
A funeral of unusual character took place at woodland cemetery yesterday It was that of an ld gypsy woman AUNT MARY SMITH the body was interred in the gypsy lot near that which the Gypsy Queen was buired Sunday about a year ago when such an inmense crowd assisted in the services Aunt Mary was not so well known as a gypsy Queen but among her people she was hardly a less important personage She was the OLD WOMAN of the tribe and it is claimed was in her 112 year all the old customs of the peculiar race were carried by her She was born in England and was the mother of Amelia Jeffery who owned the Jeffery farm at WAGGONERS BRIDGE north of the city and who was known as the best educated gypsy in the country The old lady came to this country 20 years ago being brought here by her son in law Her Health was good and for many years she accompanied the tribe on its periodical trips to and return from the south For the last 2 years however she has being confined in a large wheelchair She was the mother of 21 children Her death was the result of feebleness ensuing from old age
Published August 3rd 1879
There was a noteable gypsy funeral in Dayton OHIO on tuesday the bodies of the 16 year old wife of BUSHY STANLEY a 3 year old son of LEVI STANLEY whose death occurred in Bolivar county mississsipi 2 weeks before Christmas and CHARLOTTE STANLEY who died 7 years ago being all interred in the same grave
The attendence was quite large, tent dwellers having come from all parts of the Country from NEW YORK to MISSISSIPI to be present at the funeral of one of the Gypsy families to whom by common consent the prerogatives of royalty have been conceded although unclaimed by any right.
PUBLISHED April 22nd 1882

little ditto wagon

The sketch opposite left is from an article about Tennant Buckland (in the article it has Bucklin)and he is the one in the far right hand corner with the beard and hat ,it is from a full page article so it seem's they were making the headlines in the States as well as in numerous articles by our own Gypsy Rais! In it he is descibed as of above ordinaty Itelligence and speaks of the delighfull Romany life. Also they had a verse from the Two Gypsies which appeared in George Borrow's Romany Lavo Lil

Dui Romany Chals were bitcheney,
Bitcheney pawdle the bori pawnee.
Plato for kawring,
Lasho for choring
The putsi of a bori rawnee.

And when they well'd to the wafu tem,
The tem that's pawdle the bori pawnee,
Plato was nasho
Sig, but Lasho
Was lell'd for rom by a bori rawnee.

You cam to jin who that rawnie was,
'Twas the rawnie from whom he chor'd the putsee:
The Chal had a black
Chohauniskie yack,
And she slomm'd him pawdle the bori pawnee.

Two Gypsy lads were transported,
Were sent across the great water.
Plato was sent for rioting,
And Louis for stealing the purse
Of a great lady.

And when they came to the other country,
The country that lies across the great water,
Plato was speedily hung,
But Louis was taken as a husband
By a great lady.

You wish to know who was the lady,
'Twas the lady from whom he stole the purse:
The Gypsy had a black and witching eye,
And on account of that she followed him
Across the great water.
 Pictured left is another article from a Newspaper concerning the Broadway family who married into the Stanley and Buckland families amongst othes, this article is relating to John Boadway b c1825 who married Isabella Lock .
 Another family the Warton/Wharton/Worton family are also well known and along with the Hicks family also married into the Stanley and Buckland families . Patience Cooper from the "Windsor Cooper's" married Richard Stanley and she describes in an article :-
I am REGINALD COOPER gypsy she relplied, I am 7th daughter of a 7th generation, born and raised in a tent, but a short remove from London.
My Aunt ELIZA COOPER told fortunes for the Royal Family and recieved valuable presents from them.
The Queen Victoria came to my Aunt tent and it was there she learned she would be become Queen of England from my Aunt, she was a great Palmist, never used cards and never told Fortunes on a Sabbath.
I came here as a girl aged 15 with my Uncle and grandfather and married at an early age to RICHARD STANLEY he comes from famous gypsy family tribe from England.
My name since then has been PATIENCE STANLEY,
 JACK COOPER the middle weight champion of England is my blood line.
I have seven children yonder stands my wagon it cost $500 and is luxious out and in, my daughter BESSIE sleeps in it , born in Baltimore and will take her mother's place when she's gone.
Old GENTILLIA COOPER was my Great Aunt she was famous Gypsy Fortune teller of Devil's Dyke near Brighton England I pass on her blessing " The Great Lord be with you "

Another family who wed into the Cooper family was the Palmer Family here is Hamelin Palmer brother to Noah that wed Britannia Cooper in the 1880 USA Census
1880* San Jose, Santa Clara, California
Hamlin PALMER 50 ENG Horse Dealer ENG
Jessie PALMER Wife 39 ENG Keeping House ENG
Susie PALMER Dau S W 19 ENG At Home ENG
Isabella PALMER Dau S W 17 CAN At Home ENG
Charles PALMER Son S W 12 PA At Home ENG
Nelson PALMER Son S W 11 LA At Home ENG
Georgina PALMER Dau S W 6 NY At Home ENG

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