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Virgin Hearn

                           From Elizabeth (Lee) Visser .Perth Western Australia:-May 2008


Virgin Hearn(e) Clayton Guildford

** As mentioned on your site Romanygenes  under the Hearn Family : 1851 census enumerated as : Vergin Hearn

** All surname’s and spelling as documented on Census enteries and certificate’s.

Aka : ‘The London-side Hearns’ living at the Potteries around Sheppards Bush MDX area.


1851 Census. HO107-1468-616-58 Kensington, Middlesex.( Potteries)

Meshack Hearn 56 Hardings, Hertfordshire Head Basket Maker

Alice Hearn   47 Watford, Hertfordshire Wife    ? (*formerly TAYLOR)

Bedingo Hearn  26 Chiswick, Middlesex Son Hawker

Mary Hearn 23 Wimbledon, Surrey   Daughter   Hawker

Susan Hearn 13 High Wycombe, Buck's Daughter

Vergin Hearn 5 Chiswick, Middlesex Daughter (*as spelt on census form)

Henry Hearn 9 Mths Chiswick, Middlesex Son

John Hearn 12 High Wycombe, Buck's Nephew

Thomas Hear 75 High Wycombe, Buck's Grandfather - Chair bottomer

(obtained off your site on Romanygenes)


 Query another child of Meshack & Alice Hearn was Kezia Hearn bapt 28th June 1840  West Molesey Surrey. Fathers occupation – basket maker.

(Ref: under H Baptism -  Passing Through Site on R&TFHS site)

Virgin Hearn:

Born 27/6/184 Chiswick London (IGI BDM Index)

Bapt 13/7/1845 Chiswick  daughter of Meshack & Alice Hearn (IGI)


B:D:M INDEX REF: 1845: Sept Q: Hearne Virgin:Brentford:3:15

Born  27/6/1845 at 20 William Street  Chiswick

Father: Meshack HEARN –Basket Maker

Mother : is nominated as an Alice TAYLOR of 20 or 21 William Street Chiswick.


Virgin was also known in ‘our Guildford  Family’ as  ‘Virgin Mary Ann’.Mary Ann may have been a middle name or name on baptism?? Or just a name she ‘adopted’ because she liked it??


1st Husband (no official record found) was an Edward Clayton according to daughter Amelia Ellen Claytons’  marriage certificate in 1885. (**Haven’t found a corresponding death for Edward Clayton as yet.)


2nd Husband (official marriage record found) was to a Thomas William Guildford.

Ref:  1874 : December Q: Clayton Virgin: Chelsea : 1a: 439 (spouse : Guildford)


Details are as follows:

Married at St Johns Parish Church in the Parish of St Luke Chelsea MDX on 4th October 1874.

Virgin Clayton – 27yr and  widower .Occupation- Laundress of 13 Kenal Green Lane.

Father : *Macklin Hearn –Basket Maker.(*as spelt on certificate)

Witness to the wedding was a Thomas & Maria Smith.


There is nothing on this certificate to suggest that Virgin Clayton [formerly Hearn] was a Romany (ie: Gypsy) except that her fathers occupation is nominated as a ‘basket maker’.

Which  is one of the  traditional Gypsy occupations.


Virgin & Thomas Guildford lived their married life around the Willesden MDX area, where the majority of Thomas Guildford’s family /relatives lived. The 1881 census places Virgin Hearn [Clayton] Guildford in Willesden MDX.


The  1871 census :Thomas W Guildford cannot be found  anywhere.

Query he is with the Hearn Family and not enumerated on this census?

As Thomas W Guildford normally worked around in the Chelsea / Sheppards Bush /Fulham area  MDX – near the ‘Potteries’ as a  Carpenter – we assume he is with the Hearn(e) family or the  Gypsies of the area?

Gypsies [as we know ] were notorious for avoiding the census enumerator’s!!


The 1881 census Thomas W Guildford has one of his brothers living in Sheppard’s Bush  at this time. Thomas W Guildford and this particular brother (and his family) always  had a close association. This ‘appears’ to be the same area as the Hearn[e] family/ies were known to have lived around?


We have enumerated not far away Hearn [Hern /Hearne] Romany families of:

1881 census Willesden (area) MDX records a (*surname as spelt in 1881 census)

Royal & Sarah Hern

Caravan 4 -Villers Rd Willesden MDX

RG11 1362/29 Page 3


(*also with Penfolds, Light, Lee , Bosworth, Nichols families in caravans # 1-4,  off farming land there.)

I feel sure’ Royal Hern ‘(Hearn) is related to our Virgin Hearn [Clayton] Guildford?


Apart from the 1851 census (*above on your site)-I cannot find Virgin Hearn [or a Virgin Clayton]  on any other census except the 1881 & 1891 census –when she was  married to our relative Thomas W Guildford.

1881 census: 109 Pembroke Road Willesden MDX. (*enumerated as Verginia)

Virgin states she is 35 years and was born in Chiswick London/MDX.

(** note 1881 census of Willesden MDX –Hearn family of Royal Hearn + other travelers near by in Willesden MDX near by Willesden Lane MDX . )

1891 census: 39 Demark Hill Willesden MDX. (*enumerated as Vargin)

Virgin states she is 45 yrs and was born in Chiswick London/MDX .


Virgin [Hearn Clayton] & Thomas Guildford-had no known children that we know of  at present  - May 2008.

Only Virgin [Hearn Clayton’s ] -daughter –Amelia Ellen Clayton.

(Thomas  W Guildford would be her step-father.)


Virgin (aka Virgin MaryAnn ) Hearn [Clayton] Guildford died aged 55 years on 23/5/1899 at the County Lunatic Asylum ILford Essex. Cause of death was Demetia and paralysis.  Thomas W Guildford was living at 12 Stephenson(dale) Road Willesden MDX at the time of Virgin’s death. This was next door to Virgin’s  married daughter Amelia [Clayton] Watts and family.  

All the Guildford family attended Virgin’s funeral in 1899. She was very loved and well liked with in the family.


Virgin Hearn [Clayton] Guildford appears to have only one known child- Amelia Ellen Clayton born ~ 1867-1869 at either Notting Dale/Notting Hill or Kensington MDX , according to the 1881, 1891 & 1901 census.

I have not been able to find a ‘ corresponding birth ‘ registered for her as yet.

I have not been able to find Amelia on the 1871 census .


(*but seeing your reference to Notting Dale on your page ‘The Hearn Family’ –Romanygenes –I am inclined to think it was Notting Dale)


Amelia Clayton: 1881,1891 & 1901 census details recorded.

(** details below are what is enumerated on the census entries)


1881 census: 6 The Terrace Willesden MDX (*surname Clayton)

Amelia states she is unmarried aged 15years .Domestic servant born Notting Hill MDX


1891 census: 10 Canterbury Tce  Willesden MDX (Watts Family)

Amelia she is aged 24 years and born Kensington MDX


1901 census: 14 Stephenson(dale) Road Fulham MDX.(Watts Family)

Amelia she is 34 years and born Notting Dale London.

** Amelia Clayton Watts lived either next door or very near to Thomas & Virgin [Hearn] Guildford , showing  a close relationship with her mother & step-father.


Amelia Ellen Clayton married Samuel Watts on 25/12/1885 at St John the Evangelist Kilburn (Willesden) MDX.

Amelia  states she is a  20 yrs old and a spinster living at 109 Pembroke Road Willesden MDX . * This is the address of Thomas & Virgin [Hearn] Guildford her mother & step-father.

Amelia’s  father is nominated as Edward Clayton-brick layer.  But it does not say whether he is in fact deceased or not on the wedding certifiiate.

This marriage was witnessed by:

1:Thomas W Guildford (her step-father)

2: Mary Ann Amos (? Who she is)

Amelia’s step-father Thomas W Guildford ‘ gave her away’ at her wedding.


[REF: Marriage – Dec Q 1885:Hendon:3a:238]

All the Guildford family attended the wedding of Amelia [Clayton] Guildford as she was known at this stage ‘with in the’ family. But she married under the surname of Clayton.


Note: ‘The Potteries’ around Notting Hill way were where bricks were manufactured. Virgin Hearn(e) may have had a defacto relationship with a worker there or a ‘base-born’ child to him [Edward Clayton]?Unless a baptism for Amelia Ellen  Clayton can be found to add further details about this relationship between Virgin Hearn(e) and Edward Clayton?

She may have nominated herself as a ‘widow’ –to cover up this fact in her marriage to Thomas W Guildford in 1874. Amelia (her daughter) being raised with help of the extended ‘Hearn(e) families’. Hence this is why we are unable to find any trace of her on the 1871 census?


Amelia Clayton Watts  first child and daughter was born  on the 27/6/1886 at

27 Claremont Road Willesden MDX named Virgin Sophia Watts.

[Ref: Birth Sept Q 1886:Hendon:3a:181]

(** Sophia is after her step-grandmother Sophia Guildford who lived at Willesden Lane MDX. Virgin Hearn [Clayton] Guildford and daughter had a very close bond with the Guildford family. All the Guildford family attended Amelia’s wedding in 1885 and Virgin’s funeral in 1899.)


Known children of Amelia & Samuel Watts are the following:

Virgin(1886),  Phoebe (1889),  Henry (1891),  Samuel (1893) , Thomas  (1895), Edward (1898),  Amelia (1901) all born Fulham MDX.

**(Ref: 1891 & 1901 census + FreeBDM)

Amelia Clayton [Guildford] Watts eldest daughter Virgin Watts  is found on the 1901 census MDX at the following:

1901 census:

39 Glouster Gardens Paddington MDX – Norman Family

Watts Virgin  15yrs unmarried Kitchen Domestic bn: Kilburn MDX

**Until 1911 census is released in 2012- it is unknown what happened to Amelia Watts and ‘The Watts’ family after 1901.


I am giving  this information to you, hoping to add to the ‘body of knowledge’ of the Hearn Family  mentioned in the 1851 census, and also incase anyone of Virgin Hearn’s descendants are looking for information on her.

At the time of Virgin Guildford’s marriage in 1874 to Thomas W Guildford –she and her daughter Amelia were known and accepted very well into the Guildford Family. Thomas W Guildford later married again in 1900 at Christchurch  Brondesbury Willesden MDX  to Sarah Jones. They had one child a daughter named Annie Mary Guildford born November 1901.Thomas W Guildford died  aged 55 year in Paddington MDX 1910.


Elizabeth (Lee) Visser .Perth Western Australia:-May 2008

**Special thanks goes to Mrs P Claxton (England) and Mr T Guildford (England) for help in researching this information over the years  

"Many thanks to Elizabeth & others  for her Family information and for sending it to me  and enabling other researchers in their family history it all helps to fill in the gaps and record and preserve the history for our future generations."

Virgin Hearn