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                   Pictured above is SDJIM just one of the beautiful horses at War Horse Farm


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Thanks for stopping by our new site! For those of you who don't already know us, we're a family-run breeding farm in Northern MN. These horses and this business are our passion, our love and the thing that most makes us happy. We are so blessed to have them as a part of our lives. With every breeding we strive for perfection while often trying to incorporate some uniqueness at the same time. Our horses have been carefully selected for their impeccable conformation, outgoing and friendly personalities and exceptional representation of their breeds. We have a particular fondness for the ultra-hairy, majestic type and this will become quite apparent as you browse through our site and learn a bit about each of our horses. Every year we offer a small number of "War Horse" foals for sale. Being family-run, we try to keep our herd down to a very manageable number as it is extremely important to us that our horses receive one-on-one attention daily and the absolute best care possible. Our babies are handled from the start and well socialized as our goal is to produce and sell a foal that is so wonderful that people want to come back every year for another! Thanks again for popping in and we hope you enjoy your visit!



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