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Windsor Coopers Continued

Continued from previous page:-


 Of course as is the case so often one can only hypothesise on some relationship’s as missing baptisms and census reports  where they remain unfound or just omitted leaves a crucial gap in the lives of some of the people we are researching however when one gets a inkling about a particular snippet of information it is always wise to follow it up ! but also very time consuming! Janet Keet-Black some years ago sent me a copy of a letter she had transcribed it was described thus:-

Letters to Leland-(Transcribed by Janet Keet- Black.)

30 June 1883 Torquay

Dear Mr Leland – Your letter of the 18th :-

It is to a Thomas Cooper and Thomas then mentions his father who has passed away (the reason for the letter) and his brothers John and Harry and also his uncles Mathias and Leonard which can only be the “Matty” Cooper Royal rat catcher? Although not impossible to have another Mathias with a Brother Leonard?  But on seeing the line in the letter “That Small that told you he was my brother-In-Law is my brother by mother”? Well off I went again on yet another search! Now by deduction of the brother’s to Matthias that I know of, only Nelson or Francis could be the father of Thomas ?unless another brother of which I know not, I managed to find Thomas in the 1861 and 1881 in Torquay Devon and he is born 1815/25 depending on which census,and described as Basket maker born Epping Essex  so that would make sense but what was interesting was that in the 1861 he had a Henry Small age 16 and Cinderella Small age 9 born Dorset with him ? Now I already have a Cinderella Cooper born about 1805 who partnered Moses Small And they had a Henry b 1844?, and also a son Moses who had a Henry in 1857 who so happened to partner another Cinderella! Is this the same Cinderella as in the 1861 age 9 and could Henry be the same Henry? it seems highly likely and that the Cinderella Cooper that partnered Moses Small could be yet  another Sibling form the Windsor Cooper line, as Matthias had a sister Cinderella but I do not have a birth date for her but 1805 is  around the right time frame to fit but it has been said that Cinderella was a Lee and married first a Cooper and then a Small but of course she could also have used both Cooper and Lee as surnames as often was the case if they followed the maternal lines.

 Also of course it ties in yet again to the Smalls/ Stanley / Buckland/Wells/Broadway/Wharton/Joles/Boswell/Palmer Families that seemed to be in the Devon area and went to America and continued marrying in to one another families. The Cooper family yet again married into the Joles/Jowles family as the “beautiful” so they say Queen Morella Cooper who is buried in Yatton Somerset and died 1827 and was married to Isaac Joules a Stonemason who was the son of a Wiltshire farmer.

No doubt the descendants being the Joles family who are to be found Stateside, I might add also the Hicks family and of course the Wharton/Warton family,  I shall be adding more info as and when I find it !of their adventures and what they got up to in the United States!! See my website Romanygenes for more American Census and newspaper articles on our English Gypsies in America.


Going back to Selina and if indeed Job was her first husband before Christopher Hughes I have only found one possible match at the right birth date all though b Warwickshire? Also on the census was a daughter Reshinda, could Regenia  Scamp age 11on the 1858 passenger list daughter of  John & Lucy Scamp be the Regenia Cooper mentioned in the article above as going to America with her uncle and grandfather and from the direct line of Jack(John ) Cooper ? As  Selina Cooper nee Lee’s mother was Fiance Scamp and we all know how often they used their mothers maiden name even after marriage.

Another record I found for a  Regenia  is in the 1901 Census:-

1901 Census - Regenta Cooper, M, Head,  Age 51, Born Henley, Occupation Pedler Hawker, Has widowed Mother Selina & Widowed Sister living with her.This is the Richender(Regenia) Buckland born abt 1849 to Solomon and Selina Buckland .

This Regenia married Nelson Cooper in 1878 Berkshire needless to say I am still researching this line as there are so many connections between the families and the same Christian names being used by the siblings in each generation,and also continued in the States I think I shall be busy for some time!! More research will no doubt bring a lot together and hopefully tie up the lose ends and prove or disprove as may be the case ,please bear in mind this is only my “Ideas” and as always , I am happy to receive further information and corrections as I am only human! and no doubt when I have been burning the midnight oil mistakes happen, or I may have transcribed something wrong and not noticed, so please feel free to correct me where a mistake has been made. .


1861: Census, RG9-761-122-42 Clewer, Berkshire.

Job Cooper 30 Frimley, Surrey Head   Itinerant Basket Sellers

Selina Cooper 30 Warwickshire, Wife

Reshinda Cooper 12 Oxfordshire Daughter

Isabella Cooper 9 Berkshire       Daughter

Waggon, Camped with Henry & Diana Hazard,

Thomas & Sarah Cooper, Sophia Buckland,

Nelson & General Cooper."

:-Census Info for Thomas Cooper :-


1861*Parish:Tormoham :Town:Torquay :Devon Swann Street

Thomas Cooper 40 hd b Epping Essex  Basket maker

Jane Cooper 28 wife b White Chapel, London

Caroline Cooper 5 dau b Torquay, Devon

Hugh Cooper 3 son b Torquay, Devon

Cinderella Small 12 lodger b Longburry, Dorset

Henry Small 16 lodger b Plymstock, Devon

Louisa Small 9 lodger  b Dartmouth, Devon

Mary Chilley16 b Hennock, Derbyshire


1881* Street Address 4 Swann Street :Torquay Devon

Thomas Cooper head b 1815 Essex Chairmender

Jane Wife b 1828 London Whitechapel

Hugh Son b 1858 Torquay  Chairmender

William son b 1868 Torquay










Oher notes from JGLS and findings in Census relating to family connections to the Windsor Cooper Family A ** Notes not proven:-


Notes for Matthew Junix

From Afairs of Little Eygpt 1909.

At Guildford on January 9, an aged and very deaf Gypsy was prosecuted for ill-treating a horse, by working it in an unfit condition. He gave a name that sounded something like Matthew Jennix, and, when asked how it was spelt, replied : 'They tell me it begins with a J.' Police Constable Johnson, in giving evidence, stated that, on asking Jennix if he knew that the horse was lame, he was told that 'it was foaled like it.' The Bencli requested a sujjerintendent with a stentorian voice to ask the defendant if he intended killing the horse, but the latter replied :

' I have changed it for a red one with a white face.' ' When did you chop him  'Day 'fore yesterday.' A fine of £l was imposed, but it was some considerable time before Jennix could be made to understand the decision of the Bench. He tendered half-a-sovereign as payment, but when told that the alternative was fourteen days' imprisonment, he soon found the rest, and left the court shouting at the constable, and accusing him of 'trying to ruin an ole man.' There is no doubt that Matthew Jennix (really Junnix) has a considerable amount of Gypsy blood in his veins, but where he picked up his name is a mystery. According to his son Charlie (who keeps a little greengrocer's shop at 5 Alma Street, Angel Lane, off Stratford Broadway, in the far east of London) he obtained it from his father, a Frenchman who married a daughter of old Draki Cooper of Epping Forest fame an obvious but interesting lie. ( Dellierifer was the daughter of Dukey cooper)


1851*Bethnal Green Ecclesiastical parish: St Bartholomew : Middlesex

Dakey Cooper48

Eliza Cooper33

Dellerifer Cooper14

Elizabeth Cooper 3

John Cooper10

Patience Cooper1

Solomon Cooper12


Children of Matthew Junix and Dellierifer Cooper were as follows: **( Needs proving)

Charles Junix , born 1886 in Westham, Essex.

Matthew Junix , born 1887 in Westham, Essex.

Dellifer Junix , born 1890 in Westham, Essex.

Jim Junix , born 1893 in Westham, Essex


1901*Epsom, Surrey

Susan Junex 63 hd b Oxted, Surrey (dau of Joseph Junnex and Keziah Cooper)

Charles Junex 23 son b Kingston On Thames, Surrey

Emily Junex 22 dau b Leyton, Essex

Nelson Junex 14 son b Thornton Heath, Surrey


John Cooper53 hd b Wimbledon, Surrey Trav/gypsy

Amey Cooper46 wife b Epping, Essex

Edward Cooper6 son b N, Walton On The Hill

George Cooper21 son b N, Walton On The Hill

John Cooper18 son b N, Walton On The Hill

Lavenia Cooper8 dau b N, Walton On The Hill

Thomas Cooper13 son b N, Walton On The Hill

William Cooper14 son b N, Walton On The Hill


Frank Vincent 53 hd b Walton On The Hill, Surrey

Sarah Vincent 48 wife b Upfield, Sussex

Job Vincent 21 son b Tunbridge Wells, Kent

John Vincent 11 son b Limpsfield, Surrey

Sarah Vincent 19 dau b Croydon, Surrey

Susannah Vincent 19 dau b Walton On The Hill, Surrey


Joseph Parker hd 52 b Norfolk  Travelling Gypsy

Lemngton ? Parker wife 42  b n/k

Unity Parker dau17 b n/k

Dalia Parker dau 16  b n/k

Annetta Parket dau 13 b n/k

Dianna Parker dau 8 b n/k

Leonard?Lional?Parker  5 son b n/k

Windsor Coopers Continued


Census Info for Moses and Cinderella Small Family:-

1851 Census. Plymouth St Andrew, Devon.

Street Address: 84 Stonehouse Lane.

Moses Small 50 Dorset       Head Tinker

Cinderella Small 50 Dorset Wife

Jonas Small 22 Dorset         Son  Basket Maker

Moses Small 13 Somerset   Son

Uriah Small 11 Exminster         Son

Gully Small 9 Devon             Son

Henry Small 7 Devon           Son

Angelina Small 5 Devon       Daughter

Kinity Small 3 Devon         Daughter

Louisa Small 1 Mnth Devon  Daughter


1861* Census, RG9-1440-54-19 St Andrew, Devon.

Sunderala Small 60 Bristol         Head

Sally Lee   26 Taunton, Somerset Dau

Moses Lee 3 St Andrew, Devon Grandson

Eliza Lee   2 St Andrew Devon Granddaughter

Galy Small 18 Exeter Devon sonMasons Labourer

Emma Small 14 St Andrew Devon Daughter

Ginat Small 11 St Andrew Devon Daughter

Famgan Stanley 80 Walton, Hampshire Visitor

1871 Census, St Andrew, Devon. (Caravan)

Cinderala Small74 Plymouth   Head Lic/ Hawker

Henry Small 23 Plymouth         Son

Louisa Small 21 Plymouth   Daughter