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  Dear people,


This is a call for help in my investigation on information about my  

BowTop Wagon I bought 10 years ago.

I am Joe, a Belgian storyteller. I tell stories in particular from  

Gypsies and Travellers. I have known Duncan Williamson from Scotland  

very well, travelled even with him with horse and my wagon and many  

stories on the backlanes in Norfolk some years ago.

I bough my Bowtom from 'Ginger John' Buck and Violet, living in  

Kellington near Knottingly - Yorkshire.

My wagon (so is painted on it) is built (rebuilt ?) and painted by  

L.Thompson. I found out it is Leon Thompson. My wagon might be built  

in Hartlepool ......??????

And there comes my question. I would like so much, know more about the  

real history of my wagon: where and when is it built, by who, etc.

I am trying to find an adress, telnr of email or what so ever of mr  

Thompson. He will be able to tell me more I hope/guess.


Is it possible that someone knows more about where and how to contact  

him ??

If so, please, will you let me know please ?


I tour with my wagon and my Tinker horse by the name Lotus here in  

Flanders. I tell those wonderfull stories for kids and adult in  

shools, playgrounds, festivals, on the street etc etc. It is a  

wonderfull time then.

(I was 2x in Aplleby and came to your shop over there.)

Hope you can help me. Thank you.


Een beetje natuurgezind,

gooi niet alles in print.

joe Baele

[email protected]


From Sandy *

 Nathan Smith was son of Edith Buckland & Wisdom Smith


Nathan Smith married Sarah Orchard ( widow) Plymouth 1906 Oct/Nov/Dec

children :

Charlotte born Dorset ( daughter of Sarah from previous marriage)

Edith Smith born 28th March 1909 Plymouth

Polly Smith born 6th December 1911 Saltash Cornwall

Moses Smith born 10th December1913 Woodbury

Sally Smith born 1st May 1914 Plymouth Devonshire

Moses Smith born 10th December 1913 Modbury Devonshire


Nathan Smith No 301122 : Occupation Hawker & Horse Dealer :

Joined the R G A as a Gunner in 1916 in Plymouth finished in the R G A C Mountain Battalion1918

Address he gave on joining was C/O .G.P.O Saltash.

He was 40 yrs old so born 1876 ,he was 5ft 9in Tall with a 40in chest.

He was discharged from Army on 13th December 1918 he spent some time in Plymouth hospital before being discharged with pension of 8 shillings & Thrupence

  Address on discharge was 3 Parr Street Conside Plymouth

He received 2 medals British War Medal & Victory Medal


Anyone who is connected with this family Sandy would love to hear from you please contact  site owner







Barbara Blundell (nee WILLETT)  2008.2.16 17:26

Having got back to 1841 census and found MARY & STEPHEN WILLETT in Croydon (against her name is said TRAVELLER) I am now wondering where I go from here!  Their son BENJAMIN 'travelled' to East Sussex (his wife was EMMA RAMPLING).  They and their children seemed to work on farms in the area of Plumpton.........  

MARY & STEPHEN (1841 census in Croydon - don't know where they go after this)

    Children ..... Caroline (who eventually married Mark Gorringe)

                            Eliza or maybe Mary?



BENJAMIN* (Direct Ancestor) married EMMA RAMPLING (1861  in Croydon, 1871 Streat,1881 Plumpton,1891                                                                                 East Chiltington, 1901 Benjamin in Chailey Workhouse )

    Children .....    William (who married Adelaide Gorringe)

                        Frederick (who married Sarah  Cadman)


                        BENJAMIN FREDERICK ( direct ancestor)


                         Emma Jane


BENJAMIN FREDERICK who married FANNY JANE FORTUNE (Married Newhaven. 1891 Plumpton, Ashurst Cottage, Riddens Farm.  Fanny died there 1900.  Benjamin disappears until 1906 when he marries JANE AGATE in Uckfield.  They then lived in Hassocks)

    Children .............  Emily M (who married William Goodridge)

                             FREDERICK GEORGE b. 1893 at Jenners Farm (who married MINNIE STILES) my                                                                                                                                                 Grandparents,So really we are interested in the two Benjamins, MARY & STEPHEN & BENJAMIN & EMMA .Thank You.

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Your Questions & Queries !just send in your queries

and Hopefully someone will be able to help you !

Your Questions & Queries !just send in your queries

and Hopefully someone will be able to help you !